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  • Product description:Chemical composition: Antimony organic acid Organic acid cerium Aliphatic amine 

Chemical composition:


Antimony organic acid


Organic acid cerium


Aliphatic amine


Activating agent


quality index


Light yellow to brownish red clear liquid


Miscible with water



Freezing point




Antimony content



Performance use:

DAEON511 metal passivating agent is a water-soluble metal passivating agent that can simultaneously dissolve vanadium and nickel, and is used for FCC devices to inhibit the pollution of heavy metal nickel and vanadium on FCC catalysts. The effective component can be adjusted according to the content of nickel and vanadium in the raw material and the pollution level of the catalyst, so as to control the nickel and vanadium pollution of the FCC catalyst more reasonably and effectively. Improve and improve the activity and selectivity of the catalyst, increase the overall efficiency of the device.


Usage method

The point of entry for the DAEON511 metal passivation shall be selected after all heaters, from the raw tubing line outside the riser 4m.

Before filling, water can be diluted into 20-50% solution, and the amount is generally determined according to the content of Ni and V in the raw material and the deposition amount of Ni and V on the equilibrium catalyst. Generally, the Sb and N ratio of the catalyst is 0.5-1.0.

The recommended dosage is 100-200ppm.


Packaging storage and transportation:

200L plastic barrel packing, net weight 200kg/ barrels. Store in a cool, dry place.

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