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Oil additives



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  • Product description:Chemical composition: Metal passivating agent Inhibitor Free radical generator D

Chemical composition:


Metal passivating agent




Free radical generator




Solvent enrichment


quality index


Light yellow to amber transparent liquid


Soluble in diesel and other solvents





Freezing point



Performance use:

To effectively prevent and inhibit coking device at the bottom of fractionating tower and heating furnace tube delay, improve slag reduction in the coking conditions of colloidal stability and hydrogen transfer of aromatic ring orientation, inhibit the thermal cracking process in the coke, enhance the cracking probability of residue molecule, can significantly improve the yield of delayed coking liquid.


Usage method

When the device is used for the first time, the method of combining quick filling with smooth filling is adopted. The first 3 days for rapid filling stage, filling amount for feed quantity of 200ppm; smooth filling stage is normal filling stage, filling amount as raw material 100ppm. Total liquid

Fill up the system by means of a coke resistance filling system, and fill the filter at the bottom of the fractionating tower or at the entrance of the radiation chamber.

When filling, it is recommended that the coker diesel oil be diluted into 5-20% solution for use in the full mixing of the agent with the feedstock. When the preparation is done, the coking diesel oil is firstly injected into the filling system tank, and then the coke stopping liquid increasing agent is injected, and the mixture is fully stirred to make the mixture mixed evenly.


Use effect:

When the raw material properties are unchanged and the dosage is 100ppm, the total liquid yield is increased by more than 0.8% before the addition of the additive.

Under normal operating conditions, the pressure drop of the furnace tube is not higher than 022MPa in one operation cycle, and the surface temperature of the furnace tube is no more than 10 degrees centigrade.


Packaging storage:

200L drum, net weight 180kg/ barrel. Sealed storage, rainproof, sunscreen, away from fire.

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